Go Date

I have an appointment for my first infusion of Rituxan on June 3rd and a second infusion on June 17th.  I’ll see Dr. A on June 4th. The first infusion is scheduled for eight hours. (Wow.) I haven’t gotten the schedule for the second one yet but Rose said it likely won’t be as long. I also haven’t yet gotten the run-down on the potential side effects of the treatment. I’m sure I will the morning of, but it really doesn’t matter at this point. I’m not concerned; supposedly it is a generally well-tolerated chemo drug. Not many options, regardless.

I’ll leave for Pittsburgh Saturday and should arrive Monday. I am definitely not looking forward to a three-day road trip. I’ll be tired of driving within a couple of hours.  Thank goodness for caffeine pills.

Before I knew I would have to drive, I had planned to fly back to Albuquerque first class, a reward of sorts for getting through this past year. (I have a lot of flight credits.)  Instead, it’ll just be me, the trusty jalopy, the road, and lots of podcasts.  I found a nice house to rent, bigger than what I need but not much more expensive than a studio apartment. If I’m going to be there for three weeks, I want to be comfortable.  

Work is squared away, the dogs are squared away, including the foster dog who will get some bonding time with my mom.

Fifteen months since I started having symptoms. Four months after getting the diagnosis.  Finally.

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