Cautious Optimism

I am definitely in the midst of the negative side effects of the prednisone. Sleepless nights, hot flashes. My whole body is swollen, literally down to my toes. My skin is stretched out, and I have “moon face.” My legs feel like tree trunks, and my knees hurt, particularly when I first get up in the morning. The tops of my bloated feet are bruised from my trusty and long-since-broken-in orthotic flip flops. I wear compression socks and keep my feet up whenever possible. I’m a picture of loveliness. []

I’m eating no salt and drinking tons of water, for whatever good that is doing. In the middle of complaining, I try (and often fail) to remind myself that this is temporary, and that with each drop down in dose, some of these symptoms should abate. I am hopeful that this anti-inflammatory drug, which is causing inflammation everywhere else, is at least shrinking those “bad soldiers” in my kidneys.

The case manager informed me yesterday that the medical necessity review is done and approved, the authorization is approved (even though I didn’t need one), and now I am just waiting for dates from the doctor to be seen. I moved up a bunch of other appointments in preparation for leaving, so this week I completed my twice-yearly thyroid ultrasound, had a temporary crown put on, an old filling replaced, and blood work for the endocrinologist and local nephrologist completed today. I need to check the status of my prescriptions, and, as soon as I have dates for the treatment, set up my hotels and my long-term rental. Waiting to hit the road…

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