Short and Sweet and Boring

But in my case, I’ll take boring. Boring means stable, and I’ll take that over all hell breaking loose. I’m pretty boring anyway, so it works for me.

My hemoglobin was 10.6, a small decline from last week’s 10.9 but still good. No Aranesp. No Aranesp is the goal. My creatinine was 1.3, same as last week, so my GFR is holding steady at 44. I’ll take it all!

Still feeling pretty good this week although I was rather wiped out after work yesterday. But Tuesdays are usually my busiest clinic days, so I guess that makes sense. Today I had a rare office day (well, half a day) before I had to head to the lab.

Usually my appointment is at 1:40, and I’m there until close to 4:00. But today it flew by. There was no one waiting for blood draws from the lab, so I got in and out of there. The treatment room (oncology room) was PACKED. There were only two chairs left. I think there’s a total of about 10 or 12, plus two other separate treatment rooms. I’m not sure what those are for. I need to ask Rose. There were only two chairs open when I went in. But even as busy as it was, things just went very quickly and smoothly. I was out of there before 3:00! I was shocked. But this was great because I had a three-and-a-half-hour drive ahead of me to one of my overnight clinics. This was the perfect day for everything to go quickly.

I messaged my nephrologist in Pennsylvania tonight. I have a video visit with her in a couple weeks. I wanted to know if she wanted me to have a repeat 24-hour urine collection. If so, I’ll ask Dr. T here in Albuquerque to order it. It just goes so much more smoothly when he orders it. Apparently Tri-Core does better with boring as well. Don’t throw any surprises at them.

I still need to message him and let him know of the BP meds I’ve added back in to my daily intake of pills. I was waiting to see this week if there was any significant impact on the creatinine, and it doesn’t appear to be having an effect. Whew. It would have been pretty shitty if I torpedoed my own health. But I’ll wait until I hear from Dr. A in PA about the urine collection so I can send all that to him at once. My BP continues to be good if not great. I’ll have to look up what I was taking when it was like 117/72 back in June. Yes of course I have all this recorded, for god’s sake!! Thank goodness for apps. It makes it soooo easy to do.

So that’s it. Just hanging in there and happy about it!

Hemoglobin: 10.6
Creatinine: 1.3
GFR: 44

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