30-Second Update

FINALLY!! The doc is putting me back on lisinopril! Woo-hoo! Never thought I’d be so happy to go ON a medication! But a) I can now dump four other medications, and b) I can stop worrying about stroking out!

She’s cutting my prednisone down to 7.5 mg for the next month, and no prednisone at all on Wednesdays when I take the dexamethasone. In a month, I’ll drop down to 5 mg, and eventually I’ll be off this crap. ‘Course I said that before and wound up in the hospital. Ha.

Also, I can stop taking potassium, at least for now. They are huge horse pills, even when broken in half. They’re uncoated too, because they need to get into the system quickly, so they tend to start dissolving before they’ve even left your mouth. Yuck. And I was taking three of these massive pills a day and choking on every one of them. So in one fell swoop, I have a net loss of six pills a day! Nice!!

And lastly, no more twice-a-week lab visits. She’ll just use the labs the hematologist orders on Wednesdays. I don’t know about the peeing-in-a-cup thing. I’m just not going to ask. She’ll let me know if she needs it.


Don’t be fooled. This kid don’t care about you!

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