No Particular Place To Go

Very quick update.

It was a long, boring, but ultimately uneventful drive back from Pennsylvania. Just what I was hoping for. Since arriving back in Albuquerque, I’m just back to my COVID-normal routine of working from home, which really isn’t anything like normal. Per the requirements of the company I work for, I’ve had to self-quarantine at home for two weeks post-travel, which will be up this Monday. No big… I was by myself for three weeks in PA, what’s two more weeks here? However, I do have the pleasure of the company of two of my three dogs.

Eventually, at some point, we’ll head back to clinic as soon as we get the green light from the powers that be. I’m guessing this will be in the next two to three weeks. As I mentioned, I’m not really looking forward to that. I definitely miss seeing my patients, and I know they are very inconvenienced without our services—trust me, I get the phone calls every day. But I’m just concerned. I opted to order scrubs for work, which I’ve never had to wear before, but it’s been recommended to us by a few of our hospitals. (Thanks ebay!)

In the meantime, I got a report back from my endocrinologist that my thyroid ultrasound was abnormal. Brother. I’m less concerned and just more annoyed by that. I was supposed to have a video visit with her in June, but she had to cancel due to an emergency so now it’s in August. I interpret that as her not being terribly concerned if she was comfortable pushing the appointment out two months. My guess is another ultrasound followed by maybe another round of radioactive iodine? If so that means more isolation. I may never leave this house!

Earlier this week my boyfriend had to call 911 due to chest pains. They ruled out a heart attack and don’t think it was anything too serious but he has more tests in his future. It was a bummer not to be able to go to the hospital with him or even drive him home. It just seemed rude to tell him to grab a cab. But his being in the ambulance and then the ER … we both agreed it was just safer for me not to pick him up. We’re all just getting old and decrepit … and trying to be as careful as possible

Life goes on.

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