That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Last night Rose and I briefly discussed my going to California for this treatment since I haven’t heard anything from the Pennsylvania doctors. I had already sent her copies of my insurance card, diagnostic report, and two research articles on treatment. I really don’t like putting this on her; it’s a weird thing to ask of a friend. But I’m so grateful to have an option. And Rose said it’s not a big deal for me to go there.

Of course today I heard from the case manager in Pittsburgh. She stated that the doctor would like to have a video visit with me this Friday (I’m all in!) but that they want to see if they can arrange for me to get treated here in Albuquerque through hematology at the XYZ Cancer Center.

You have got to be kidding me.

I didn’t know whether to scream, laugh, or break something. I’m already a patient at the XYZ cancer center. It’s where I go for my EPO shots and blood work every two weeks. It’s also where both hematologists have told me they won’t treat me. One has since left the practice. The remaining doctor is the one whom I’ve yet to see, who said he would do his own plan instead of the established plan, and the one who was supposed to get back to me with other local options (nothing but crickets there). Even if the PA doc could convince the local doc to do this, I doubt I would agree to it. I don’t have any faith in him.

After I stopped banging my head against my desk, I emailed the case manager and explained that to her. I told her I definitely would like to have the video visit, and I also told her of my Plan B of going to California. I am still hopeful I can convince them to see me. I can do whatever they need me to do. I can stay there for three weeks so I’m not flying back and forth. I can quarantine myself for two weeks after I get there. Whatever they need.

I’ll see what Friday brings.

There’s always California.

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