Saturday, April 6, 2019

Two weeks later, my mom and I took my friend Jack (in his wheelchair) to a car show. Jack loves classic cars! I made SURE to eat that day and had plenty of water and brought some along with me. We were indoors. It wasn’t hot. But… within about 30 minutes of pushing Jack in his chair, I was hit with all the same symptoms as before. What the hell? I went to the concession stand and managed to order a pretzel and grab some napkins for my now-streaming nose, and sat down with my friend Jack near me. My mom realized we weren’t with her anymore so she circled back to find me having yet another “spell,” as I would come to refer to them. I told her to take Jack and continue checking out the cars; I would stay put and eat the pretzel and drink my water. If I was going to feel like crap, I preferred to do it without people hovering and watching me feel like crap. She reluctantly agreed. Again, after a while, I began to feel a bit better. On shaky legs I caught up with my mom and Jack.

What the hell was going on?

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