Oh Hi…

This is probably a good time to say that as this was happening, I was just about to turn 51 years old. I’m a reasonably-healthy person, although I did have thyroid cancer when I was 44. I also had the conditions that come along with being overweight: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and apparently pre-diabetes. But by this point I had lost at least 60 pounds and all my numbers were improving significantly.

I mentioned I’m a rural health care provider. My job typically goes like this: get on the road at 6:00 am, drive anywhere from one to four hours to a clinic, see patients all day, often stay the night, see patients again the next day, then drive home. I’m not out in the hot sun digging ditches, but it’s a long day and a lot of road time. I drive about 35,000 miles a year for work. Did I mention it makes for a long day?

On a personal note, I have a boyfriend (Kyle) of 12 years, a mother who lives a few miles away, and two old mutts I adore.

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